Advanced IT solutions for music content distribution and various broadcast channels monitoring
Background broadcasting & reporting solutions
Licensed music content for background broadcasting
For businesses
For CMOs
TV/radio, public performance and social media monitoring
Transparent music content distribution
Registration of each used music item
Consolidated automated reporting
For Rights holders
TV/radio, public performance and social media monitoring
Transparent delivery of licensed content to end users
Promotion and popularization of music catalogs among different audiences
Consolidated reporting on actual use
Scalable software solution for the legal broadcasting of background music, video and advertising content
Professional software for broadcasting and monitoring
Broad, constantly growing list of licensed music from the best local and global artists, bands and leading record companies
Automated reporting to rights holders and collective rights management organizations
Remote ad management and marketing campaign monitoring tool
Additional channel for product promotion and communication
24/7 technical support
TV/radio, public performance and social media monitoring
AI- and ML-based technologies used to identify and record instances of any type of audio/video content public use
Consolidated, automated and customizable reporting
With more than 88 million phonogram fingerprints in the database, platform ensures high rate of music item recognition
Customized Android media boxes for live performance monitoring, with audio interface connectability (USD ADC or USB microphone)
In-house 48-channel 1U receivers for TV/radio monitoring (FM/DAB/DVB), signal conversion and server upload: reliability and entirety of incoming data 100% guaranteed
SDK for Android, iOS, Linux
Recognition technology of 5sec frames matching within 28ms each
Monitoring of 30K+ radio stations, 5K+ TV channels and 1K+ SAT channels in 127 countries
Unique algorithm for live performance detection throughout different broadcast sources
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